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Help People Make Better Food

That’s our mantra. And we’ve got years of experience to back it. The whole lot of us at Dizzy Pig – founder, staff and competition teams – spend loads of time cooking. At work. Out on the competition circuit. Mixing it up and discovering new recipes in the Dizzy Pig test kitchen. Cooking demos. Each minute spent cooking has led to hard-earned know-how.

But it’s sharing our wisdom that really fulfills our mantra. We make better food by making better cooks. Our popular classes teach many roads to creating great food, bite after bite. Our aim isn’t to teach an assortment of monkey-see monkey-do recipes, but to impart an array of cooking techniques and skills. So you can adapt that learning to your style of cooking with greater confidence and develop your own unique tastes.

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  • The Great Outdoor Class

    Each month, Dizzcovery presents a highly informative exploration of an outdoor cooking style or technique. Perfect your ribs, turkey, brisket, pork butt and more with these four-hour long, Saturday learning sprees set in a casual, laid-back environment. You’ll relax and observe proper cooking techniques, while picking our brains and getting handsy with tools and ingredients. And of course, taste test our course material. Whether pro or novice, Dizzcovery Classes aim to take your skills up a level and are held year-round for the most dedicated.

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  • Award-winning Learning

    Since 2002, Chris Capell and the Dizzy Pig BBQ Team have amassed a right nice collection of awards: 15 Grand Championships and a fleet of shiny trophies. Hours of practice, experimentation and learning made that success. Our Competition BBQ Class gives you full monty access to that award-winning know-how. Following the classic KCBS competition timeline, you’ll follow along from set up to last turn in with no secrets held back. Chris’s laid back, one-on-one style breaks down this information rich class into an easy to understand format. Space is limited, so sign up early!

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  • A Festival of Big Green Eggs

    An annual occurrence (in May), BBQ and EGG enthusiasts gather to share knowledge, food and passion at Dizzyfest. A private club event, we honor our dedicated Dizzy Pig fans and EGGers with merchandise discounts and a day of seeing and tasting the fruits of cooking with Dizzy Pig Seasonings and EGGs. One of the east coast’s premier Big Green Egg dealers, the Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Fest presents the perfect opportunity for new enthusiasts to join the EGG family with cooking demos and a discounted purchase price.

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