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Testimonials on our Peking Seasonings
  • Like good Char Siu without all the work

    I ordered some Peking rub from Dizzy Pig as well and it arrived last week before the storms hit. I was finally able to break it out last night as we got a little sun and things started to dry out.

    I went with a pork steak that I picked up at our meat market before heading home. Rubbed and then smoked with mesquite indirect at 275. Put it on about 630 and ate at 830 - smoked to 195 internal temp. (For those unaware - pork steak is just a slice off a pork butt - usually bone in, it's a Central Texas staple)

    The dry finger taste of the rub had me a bit worried as it has a pretty strong anise like taste. But once cooked, rub takes on a completely different flavor - most likely due to the carmelization of the sugars.

    Flavor of the rub on Pork Steak was exactly like a good Char Siu recipe but without all the marinating and work involved. I saved half the pork steak to cube up and make pork fried rice for dinner tonight - definitely adding this to the regular rotation.

    Houston Egger
  • Peking seasoning a WINNER!

    We have a local packing house named "Rabers" which makes a ground pork burger that we have loved for years. This is very coarse ground pork, NOT spiced up and clearly NOT sausage!

    Today our two bottles of DIZZY PIG's new "Peking" rub arrived so what a better way to try it out though I had already sampled it on the flap meat of some spares a few weeks ago so I already knew it was a WINNER!

    The "Peking" underneath the layers of pepper jack cheese and grilled onions the taste on the meat was OUTSTANDING!!!

    Ron Pratt