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Testimonials on our Happy Nancy Seasonings
  • Couldn't have been happier

    Hey Joellen, I hope y'all had a great time at the Dizzy Fest. I'm writing to let you know that "Happy Nancy" was fantastic on the spatch-cocked turkey breast we did this weekend...couldn't have been happier.

    Also, I was inspired by your pineapple head pumpkin cupcakes...one of my favorite things in the fall is mixing a little pumpkin with brown sugar to my oatmeal...I added a little pineapple head to that, it was outstanding.

    Stan Bellotti
  • No one said too spicy!

    I ordered a quart of Dizzy Dust from Dizzy Pig's website and noticed they have a new rub - Happy Nancy. On the bottle, it says they created it for their friend Nancy who is sensitive to chilis and black pepper. It sounds tailor-made for Wilma! I picked some up and we decided to give it a try tonight...
    Everybody liked it. No small feat for my daughters who are my most unforgiving critics! It was very tasty and best of all for me, nobody said, "This is too spicy!" We will be regular buyers! Outstanding product!

  • No excuses to finish dinner

    Kid-Friendly they say! Well, I enlisted the help of my reviewer in training (9 yr old daughter). Check out her hand written review below. Happy Nancy is certainly a great kid-friendly been or for those with sensitive taste. Complimented the pork chops wonderfully... Even though I like spice, I'll use it again. Now for the kid review...
    Kid review of Happy Nancy

  • Comes to life with cooking

    I tried the sample bag of the new "Happy Nancy" seasoning the Dizzy Pig Co. sent me yesterday and today. At first taste right out of the bag I wasn't sure about this new rub since it seemed a little bland when compared with the other DP line of rubs, but, when applied on your cook and going through the cooking process this rub really comes to "life"! Yesterday I marinated two chicken leg quarters in a vinaigrette for 24+ hours and applied the new rub liberally on the chicken right before cooking direct on my Big Green Egg. I also used it on a couple of "crash hot potatoes" and the results were pretty amazing! My wife even commented that this was the best chicken and crash potatoes I've ever done! I agreed!

    Tonight I did stir-fry chicken breasts with veggies over rice. I wokked the chicken and veggies on the Big Green Egg and put in a liberal amount of the new rub in the veggies while they were cooking. After the mixture was all cooked and back together again I put in a mixture of soy sauce, orange juice, brown sugar, dry sherry and cornstarch. This was over-the-top delicious! I'll be first in line when this new rub hits the street! Very well done Dizzy Pig!