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From the original Dizzy Dust to our exciting new Limited Release Departure Series, Dizzy Pig seasonings are fresh and all-natural. But don’t take our word for it – let our customers tell you what they think.

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Testimonials on our Customer Service
  • Outstanding customer service, thank you!

    First, please let me start off by saying, "thank you", for taking care of my dad's (Tom O'Hara) warranty request. It's my understanding that he came in to talk to you all recently and was happy for the help that you provided him. I also want to add, that while I was in the store last Friday, I receive phenomenal customer service from one of your employees, Sydney. Sydney both listened and answered my million and one questions on products that I was interested in and took the time to explain everything to me. It really meant a lot!

    Warren O'Hara IV
  • Dizzcovery Thanks!

    I want to say thank you so much for providing the sign language interpreter for the Turkey Class last Saturday. I had so much fun to learn both Chris's Spatchcock & Max's Turkey techniques and also Max's broth & gravy. I'll be readyto put turkey with Mediterranean-ish Dizzy Pig rub on my BGE and also to make a Mad Max's gravy for Thanksgiving next week. Hopefully friends of mine will like a Mediterranean-ish flavor on turkey. I want to tell you that all Dizzy Pig staff are really wonderful. 🙂

    You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Tim Willard
  • When I discovered the Big Green Egg . . .

    Watching too much BBQ Pit Masters I was thinking about getting something to smoke with. My dad works out of state at an Ace Hardware and said "Get a Big Green Egg". I was pretty much thinking an upper end Pellet smoker and I started to do some research.

    I didn't know anything about the grill so I went to an outdoor furniture store that sold them (closest to my house - I have two dealers within 10 miles) and fell in love with the grill but not the store. The second closest was Dizzy Pig.

    That's all I took. About once every two months or so, I go there and just turn over my paycheck for accessories and charcoal etc. Dizzy Pig was extremely helpful. I went first picked out a large and brought back the wife to convince. All she asked was "Can you set the temp like an oven?" and I was like "Throw in the CyberQ Wifi please".

    American Flannel
  • Customer service alive and well

    You are the greatest !! Thank you !! Customer service is not dead in America. It's alive and well at Dizzy Pig. I got a call back the next day for a shipping issue, that was resolved by your company sending out my order the very next day. I'll send in some pictures of the hog roast, that you helped me bring off in time!! Thanks again.

    Phil Foster
  • Crew is wonderful

    Got my first oder from the DP .... Pineapple Head & the sample pack.  Your CowLick sold me at the Waldorf Eggfest as well as you guys being in touch & friendly with everyone.  I thought that was enough to try more of your products, then I got a personalized email and a hand written note from Gail in my order, and thougt that was pretty cool too. Very few companies do that!  No need to write back ..... just want to tell you that your crew is wonderful and WOW'en folks!

    Turtle Creek ...... a.k.a Randy
  • Looking out for customers

    Although this will be my first order of Dizzy Pig products, it certainly won't be my last! Companies like yours are successful because of superior products and looking out for the customers well being, not the opposite. Thank You for your helping save 1/2 of the postage and still get it to Alaska asap.

    Steve (kuffy) Kuffner Anchorage, AK
  • Treated with kindness

    Recently I tried to purchase 2 quantities of the Dizzy Pig sampler and, by my own error, only ordered 1. I found this out when I checked my invoice (because I was skeptical if I had ordered two or one). I then ordered another sampler, totaling to TWO transactions with TWO charges for shipping.

    I was then contacted by your manager, Gail Kern, who inquired if I accidentally made a duplicate order or if I actually wanted two orders of the sampler. Gail then told me if I did wish to order 2 of the sampler (to the same address of course) that they could combine the orders and would only charge me for one shipping cost (I was paying for two with my two separate transactions).

    Now it is a small amount to pay for an extra shipping and but that is not the point here. My point is that nowadays it is hard to find an honest business person with integrity. Gail went out of the way to contact me and correct this mistake and therefore I am going out of my way to write this compliment. I was not going to email you guys or contact you about getting refunded for the shipping cost, it did not even cross my mind. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and consideration given to me by Gail Kern. Honesty and integrity is something everyone should value and I am glad to see that there are some businesses out there that still do.

    I may or may not order more seasoning from DizzyPig but I will definitely remember how I was treated with kindness and thoughtfulness. I will definitely recommend this to the people I know, ESPECIALLY because of how I was treated.

  • Amazing service and rubs

    I just had to tell you that I am Very Impressed with the Dizzy Pig Company.... My order was processed on the very day I placed it and the products arrived at lightening speed, on the exact day I was told that it would arrive. That very night I cooked Cheeseburgers on my BGE using the “Raising the Steaks Rub”, mixed in with the meat. They were amazing. The next night I used “Dizzy Dust” on baby-back ribs and all I heard at the dinner table was “mmmmmm” and “boy are these Good”.
    Thanks again for Amazing Service and Amazing rubs....

  • Great customer service

    Gail, Thanks so much for your customer attention and service; I have never had such attention from an online order; If the rubs are as good as you are I will have found a great BBQ partner for years to come. About 10 years ago I started using chili powders for my chili from a couple of places that were consistent among champion chili recipes that I had researched online and the difference in using such fresh ingredients was amazing. I am hoping to find similar success with my BGE recipes and your rubs. Thanks again