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Testimonials on our Competitions
  • Raising the Steaks

    Just wanted to let you know my 10 yr. old daughter won 2nd place in the Decatur, Alabama Riverfest KID'S Q competition this past Saturday. They provide them with a ribeye steak and a charcoal grill. All she did was tenderize it and put "Raising the Steaks" on it!!  Thank you for great seasonings & ROLL TIDE!!

    Jimmy Bone
  • Not change anything

    We have just started our own BBQ Team and only competed in two backyard contests. But to this date in those two contests we have had a first place in Chicken, second place in chicken and our 10 year old son had a second place in chicken and a grand champion in a kids Q contest. Each time we have used Dizzy Pig on our Chicken. I would not change anything with our chicken seasoning with results like that. Thank you Joe.

    The Que'n Crew
  • We won

    My good buddy Scott and I entered a little rib competition over the weekend, up in the north-woods and really had a blast. The contest organizers had told us we would be cooking Babybacks....they brought around Grandpabacks these things had bones 1 1/4" wide and the racks spanned about 24 inches long. It became man v pig more than man v man. The event was to feed the masses, of which were also the judges. All our competitors cooked all the ribs at once (15+/- racks) we decided to do them in 3 batches, to keep fresh ones coming throughout the day.

    Oh, we won too by the way. Special thanks to Dizzy Pig rubs and Carnivore sauce for your great products. My favorite comments from the other guys "I make my own" suit yourself.

  • Cow Lick brought it home

    Chris, I wanted to drop you line and let you know how much I appreciated the time that you spent with me talking about Briskets at the BGE HQ last Thursday. We took 4th place at the Cherokee Pignic. It's the first time we have ever placed with our Brisket. We have only competed in 3 KCBS competitions, one the ribs in our first, got a call in pork in the second, and took 4th with our brisket in this one.
    The Cow Lick brought it home. Thanks again

  • Quality product

    Thanks for the quality product!
    Cow Lick was one of the ingredients that yielded a 5th place in Cook's Choice at the Jack! Thanks Chris!

    George Mullins
  • Almost Fried Wings won

    Made some Dizzy Pig Almost Fried Wings at a cook-off hosted by some old friends today. It was an open competition so I entered “ABT’s” and the Chicken. Both got the Judges attention but the Chicken won first place. Thanks Chris!
    P.S. Cooked all day on my small with the same load of lump. The guy next to me used 2 bags with a conventional BBQ!

  • Competed in Marshalltown

    Dude I competed in Marshalltown Iowa last weekend 4th place overall 3rd in chicken...Dizzy Dust 4th in ribs......Swamp Venom (my favorite) 12th in brisket..Cow Lick 38th in pork..I screwed it up Thanks Dizzy Pig guys.

  • Greatly improved ribs

    I've been meaning to send you thanks for the great products. Since I switched to Dizzy Dust Regular, my ribs have greatly improved. At our last contest we took 12th out of 26 teams in ribs. We still need to improve.
    Thanks for the great service and products.

    Randy, Plumb Crazy Smokers
  • Won the entire thing!

    Hey, just to let you know that I entered a KCBS comp in Columbus Ga on the amateur division and WON THE ENTIRE THING!!!! Used the original rub on my ribs and took 5th in the division, and I have never even placed in ribs before!!!! Excellent product and Thanks!! I have the medal and trophy now that I have always wanted!! By the way, the trophy was a giant "AFLAC" duck!!!!! HA! If yall would like pictures, tell me and I'll send them to ya.....Thanks so much

  • Top notch quality and flavor

    Chris, I just wanted to compliment you on the quality and flavor of your products. Last season, I took 5th out of 42 teams in Brisket using your Red-Eye rub. The first two contests of this summer, I opted to use my own rub because I was too cheap to order more of yours, and I paid dearly for the decision! So, I went back to my notes and realized that I used DP products with success and ordered some more. This past weekend, I held a taste testing with friends that included rubs from several other producers. Neither of those rubs was received favorably when compared to yours. Plus, they both contained MSG, an ingredient that I’m not too friendly with.
    So, it is with great pleasure that I compliment you on what you do. I am now a solid proponent of Dizzy Pig’s rubs. Your product is top notch. The quality is exceptional and the flavor is out of this world. Cheers

    Chris Sargent, Howling Hog Barbecue
  • Won 1st place

    Hi Chris, Just wanted to send you a big thanks! I won 1st Place at the Maryland BBQ Bash Tailgate Challenge last Friday thanks to good ole Dizzy Dust! My first competition! I walked over to thank you guys in person but nobody was at your "camp" when I came by.