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Testimonials on our Classes & Events
  • Classes

    I have taken two of the bbq classes that are offered so far and both experiences far exceeded my expectations. The Pork class was a great introduction class. It covered everything from the basics to mastery skills that can only come from Chris’ many years of experience.

    The Brisket class provided us with great strategies for how to tackle one of bbq’s toughest meats. Can’t wait to try more classes in the future. I will definitely be recommending these to anyone that may be interested in learning more.

    Torry H.
  • Brisket and ribs classes tops!

    After both the ribs class this spring and the brisket class last weekend, I went home to my own large Green Egg and did what Chris taught me to do. Success: the 17.5 lb packer and 11lb flat briskets and the six racks of St. Louis ribs I did for a fundraiser at my home Sunday came out nice and were big hits (every scrap eaten)! I used Cow Lick on the beef; also the store's 14" cast iron pan is perfect for paella!

    Jeffrey Phillips
  • Egg 101 was more than helpful

    My wife and I attended the class tonight and witnessed some truly amazing grilling. The chicken was probably the best chicken I've ever had from a grill. The pork chops were juicy and the vegetables were fabulous. Learning about the meat continuing to cook after removing it from the grill was eye opening. We will be looking to attend more classes.

  • BGE 101

    Learning from Chris is like attending a great bbq where your friend is willing to share all his knowledge with you. It's a laid back, un intimidating atmosphere. Chris explains everything he's doing and encourages us to ask questions. The menu was everyday dishes you'd cook for your family, not crazy gourmet with multiple steps you'd only take on on a weekend.

    Seeing the process and then tasting the results makes you want to immediately go home and fire up your grill.
    And it's fun.

  • Dizzy Pig filled in the gaps

    Today I attended the "Advanced Techniques on the BGE class" and it was amazing. I made the tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce for my wife and she was blown away. Watching Chris filled in so many gaps for me. I have had an XL Egg since Christmas 17 and I have been flailing and trying various you tube and internet methods. Chris filled in the gaps today .

    Also, the gentlemen assisting him, I regrettably forgot his name, was amazing. He took time to talk to me and answer my specific questions and found me after the class to ask if I had any more questions.

    I sincerely thank you all for what you do. Talking to other Big Green Eggers and being in the class was an amazing experience and I plan on attending as many classes as I can make.

    I took up cooking as a hobby when my wife bought me the big green egg and it has been life changing for me. Prior to getting an egg and learning to cook, I had no work life balance and was unhappy despite having professional success. Finding Dizzy Pig filled in the gaps for me and helped me find true joy in the big green egg and cooking in general. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you all how much I enjoyed today.

    Matt Trkula
  • Pork BBQ Master Teacher

    Took the Dizzy Pig BBQ Pork BBQ Class yesterday . . . what a great experience!! We all walked away with insight and teaching from BBQ Champion and RubMaster Chris Capell. He didn't hold anything back and it was awesome! Thanks to Chris and his team for facilitating a super education experience. And we left with printed recipes where we were able to make modification notes we took during the class - ready to put into action! If you are thinking of taking a DizzyPigBBQ class, stop thinking and get registered! Thanks Chris and Team!!

    Matt Cockerham
  • Awesome Pork BBQ class

    6th class that I have been to and, like all the rest, it was a great one. Chris just has a way of making the class feel like a community of bbq lovers and pass on great tips, tricks, methods, and recipes. The classes at Dizzy Pig are, by far, one of the things I look most forward to and they never fail to deliver. I will continue to be a loyal customer and an avid student. Thanks for all you guys do Chris and team.

    Jason L.
  • Versatility of products

    I cannot say enough positive things about Dizzy Pig! My cousin first introduced my husband and I to their rubs about 4 years ago (right before we bought our first Big Green Egg), and our entire way of cooking BBQ has changed ever since.

    My husband and I have been going to their eggfests (aptly named Dizzyfest) twice a year since 2013. During this time we've made friends with many folks who work hard behind the scenes. We've come as both cooks and tasters and each time we sample so much delicious food cooked with Dizzy Pig seasonings. Learning new recipes and strategies for cooking on the BGE is one of the best parts of Dizzyfest!

    Amy P., Sicklerville, NJ
  • Made a difference in the way I cook

    The spices are fantastic and speak for themselves. My review is focused specifically on the cooking classes.

    I have a growing addiction to date night cooking classes in DC. I was a bit reluctant to register for the "Dizzcovery" cooking class, mostly because I am used to a 100% "hands on" experience (I was afraid this would be the opposite- 100% lecture/observation). Not the case at all! You get out of it what you put into it, so you can sit up front, help out with food prep, watch every step, ask questions, or anywhere in between. There are plenty of distractions, i.e. beer, munchies, shopping inside, networking with fellow students, etc.

    Chris (owner, instructor) is totally down to earth, changed careers to follow his passion, has tons of experience on the competitive cooking circuit, and of note as a cook- questions norms and traditional boundaries and provides max creativity to get that "amazing first bite".

    I had been cooking on the Big Green Egg for several years and thought I had things down pretty well, but the class was a reality check that maybe you're doing everything wrong! (Or, could be doing it a lot better). BBQ takes time and can't be covered real time in a 4 hour class, so Chris did a great job staggering the various stages of fire building, food prep, temperature control, finishing, etc. Never a dull moment, and each segment of the process was fully covered.

    I especially appreciate the method of instruction- Chris and staff prepared (many) racks of ribs in 3 or 4 popular cooking styles (indirect, direct, foiled, not foiled) and let the students get a feel for each process, and more importantly a real-time taste test for each at the end. The hands-down best tasting ribs were the least intuitive and non-traditional method of cooking. In my experience, other cooking classes teach you how to prepare one meal really well. Chris' class did that too, but really what it did was open up my way of thinking, got me to question the "why", start thinking about what's happening inside that cooker and ultimately will make a difference in the way I cook from here on out.

    Most important thing = tons of food to eat!

    Truly appreciate the course offering and look forward to next time!

    Joe M., Arlington, VA
  • Competition class

    Brian and Chris-Thanks for a great time! The level of instruction coupled with a laid back atmosphere made the learning experience worthwhile. Everyone was extremely friendly and willing to share experiences. You, Chris and Brian are the ones who put the positive spin on the torrential rain, sleet, snow and wind! Made it easy for the rest of us relax and have a good time.

  • No-holds-barred competition class

    Having attended several other competition BBQ classes, I can honestly tell you that you won't receive a more no-holds-barred look at how a team cooks like the Dizzy Pig BBQ class. Delicious meals prepared by pitmaster Chris Capell using Dizzy Pig's fantastic rubs are followed up by some of the best chicken, ribs, pork and brisket you'll taste. Nothing is held back. I can't wait to get on the smoker and try some of the new techniques and tricks that I learned. It was fantastic watching how Chris and his team adapted to constantly changing weather conditions. We went from a spring like chill, to a massive downpour with rain, to sleet and finally snow. And the Big Green Eggs kept humming and the barbecue was delicious. If you want a true, tell- all class that is genuine and downright fun, then the Dizzy Pig BBQ competition class if for you.

    Luke Darnell Pitmaster, Old Virginia Smoke
  • Awesome Competition Class

    I just wanted to reach out to you guys and thank you for an awesome class last weekend. Aside from meeting some great people and eating like a king- the education was invaluable. I am not sure if I will hitting the bbq circuit anytime soon, but I brought home a tremendous amount of information to help impress friends and family. Thank you again for the experience, and I look forward to crossing paths again in the future.

    Dan Kiessling
  • Dizzy Class Hosted By Chris Capell

    I attended Chris' competition school this weekend and I have to tell you fellow eggheads it was one helluva good time!!  Chris and his team hold nothing back and run the class just like a KCBS event right down to the turn in times.  My hands are worn out from writing notes and my belly is distended from not only the four KCBS meats, but also the duck breasts, prime ribeye, goat cheese mashed potatos, asparagus, bourbon smoother than a school marm's leg and a full blown breakfast (including scrapple) to boot.  Hell, it was worth the cost and effort to get out here from Nebraska just to eat!

    Chris and his wife are wonderful hosts and open their home to the students like they are part of their family.  Whether you compete or not, the amount of tricks and years of knowledge gained is priceless.  I'm going to try and meet up with Chris tomorrow and take a tour of the nuts and bolts of his operation.  I'm tired, full and still a little hung over from last night!!


  • Thank you!

    Thanks so much for the great class. I really learned a lot and am looking forward to smoking a brisket next weekend. Loved your meatloaf btw!

    Victor Kernus
  • Unbelievably awesome experience

    Dear Chris, Brian W & Brian:

    A quick note to say thank you for a fantastic time at the competition class this weekend.  I had an unbelievably awesome experience, and have been talking it up to all my friends here.  The Dizzy Pig Company is clearly committed to your customers, and it showed this weekend.  I cannot think of one thing you could do to improve the experience.

    In my business, we often struggle to get into the heads of consumers, and are very driven by customer feedback.  If it's ok, I wanted to give you some specifics on my experience and what I liked so much about it.

    Approachability - I admit it, I was intimidated walking in.  I'm a pretty good neighborhood/back yard cook...my family owns a restaurant and I have grown up cooking in kitchens - plus I’ve been an egg owner for many years.   Yet I was psyched out going into the session with real teams both teaching and participating.  My fears were completely unfounded and proven false.  All three instructors were unbelievably approachable throughout the entire weekend, and i could not have been more comfortable.

    Transparency - you created a very comfortable environment to ask questions, and your answers felt very genuine and clear.  Remarkably, specifics were detailed enough that the real teams were happy, but not detailed enough that you lost me and Matt.

    New Learning - at every step of the way I picked up an idea or technique I would have never thought of.  From fire building to box prep - there was useful information along every step of the way and the session never felt lulled.

    Thank you again to you and your family for welcoming us into your home.  You all have a friend in Pennsylvania, and a customer for life.  If you were ever in the Hershey area (or Gettysburg, or New Holland) I’m here to help, or at the very least have you over for a beer.

    Good luck to Dizzy Pig!

    Jeff Smith
    The Hershey Company
    Senior Manager, Global Marketing Training & Capability

    Jeff Smith