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Testimonials on our Bombay Curry-Ish Seasonings
  • Winner

    Howdy Chris,

    I coated some shrimp with the curry blend, sautéed them, then added some egg noodles and cilantro.  The seasoning was powerful enough to flavor the noodles just from what was on the shrimp, very good.  For the fajita seasoning I coated some flap meat and pan seared it.  Then I deglazed the pan with peppers, onions, garlic, and a little wine, again just the seasoning from the meat flavored the whole dish.  This was fed to five people, all thumbs up and no leftovers.  I purposely burnt the fajita meat to the pan to see if there would be any off taste but after deglazing the flavor was great.  Think you've got a couple winners there mang!  -

    Randy Price
  • Not a curry fan but

    Hi there

    Thanks for sending some new rub samples this way! Tried them today on some chicken... Not a curry fan here but the bombay curry ish rub had some good flavor things going on.. My favorite was the fajita ish. that was really good..need to get a quart of that and do some playing..  while I was cooking today the local newspaper called and wanted to chat about bbq...they sent a photographer over to do a photo shoot since I was doing some smoking...he left well fed and he really liked the flavor of your fajita rub..so maybe you will make the local paper too..  I think they are going to run it sunday.

    Thanks for a great product

    See you soon

  • Trials and notes

    Here are my trials and notes on the two new blends:

    Fajita: I tried it several different ways but these three were the winners for me.

    Steak - was very good as is on a good steak to serve a different flavor profile

    Beer Butt Chicken - was amazing! I am always looking for something different every time I cook this and this proved very  successful with my guests!

    Steak/Chicken Kabobs - probably them best feedback from my dinner guests of any method I tried!

    Curry: Again, here are the ones that were successful.

    Leg of Lamb - I know lamb is an easy one with this blend but it added a great flavor to indirect grilling of this cut!

    Pork chops - thick cut center chops on very hot grill to sear and keep juicy. Excellent!

    Mixed Veggies - My family and friends love grilled veggies and this was a nice way to serve them with a surprise flavor!

    Thanks for letting me try these and for providing the feedback! Best of continued success!

    Wayne B. Brown
  • Great intro flavor

    I will admit that I was initially disappointed with the names.  However, after trying both, I honestly don't know what else I would call them!  Your "Curry-ish" was just that!  Not a true hit you in the face curry, just in the background...I really liked the blend very much, and appreciate your creativity!!  A great intro flavor for those that may not have tried curry, or think they don't like it.  Admittedly, we are huge curry fans, so I knew this would be a hit with us!  It was enjoyed.

    Michelle (aka Little Chef)
  • Nailed it

    Bombay Curry:  I think you nailed it, i used it on chicken thighs as it is what was out already for dinner.  It took me back in my mind to my first curry bratwurst in Germany many years ago!  I will buy and use this rub often.

  • No sugar

    I really like that these rubs are formulated without sugar.  Of the two, I especially enjoyed the Bombay Curryish.  I tried it with vegetable dishes and seafood and really enjoyed the complex blend of spices that is reminiscent of curry without actually being curry.

    Karen Morgan
  • Amazing aroma

    I split a whole chicken in half, mixed some of the Bombay Curry-ish with oil and smeared it under the breast skin, then sprinklered a nice coating all over the bird and cooked it in the Egg indirectly at 350 degrees.  When I pulled it out of the Egg I got hit with this amazing aroma.  I loved the flavors it brought to the chicken without overpowering it.  But the skin…OMG  I can hardly wait to get a full bottle!

    George Campbell
  • Awesome

    Chris, I used the curry-ish rub the other night with great results. My only screw up was that I didn’t take pics.
    I pan seared pork chops rubbed with your rub then I glazed them with Sweet Thai Chili sauce from my local Chinese grocery. It was awesome, dude. My kids thought they were very spicy the first night but they mellowed out a bit in the fridge overnight and they scarfed them up the next night. It was a great taste that I had never done before. 

  • Roasted cauliflower

    Bombay-Curry-ish---- Perfect--- Loved the nice sweet beginning,followed by the traditional curry spicyness, with a great warm finsh. We used it on roasted cauliflower, and it was the perfect compliment. Made roasted cauliflower 3 nights in a row til the package was gone..you need to get this in production soon!

    Mike Beer
  • My sampler is gone

    Wheres the curry!!!  It is awesome and my sampler is gone....The fajita mix was great too but the curry is just bad ass...Ive told all the Knoxville eggheads who missed the Georgia Mountain Fest about it but I was too selfish to waste my sampler on them...