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Testimonials on our Bayou-ish Seasonings
  • Blackened grouper

    My wife loves fish and unfortunately for her, I don't. However, for Mother's Day, I decided to make some for her for dinner. I bought some great pieces of Grouper from our local seafood place. They fly it in fresh every day and is as good as we can get here in Chicago.
    I coated it heavily with the new Dizzy Pig Bayou-ish and then a few shakes of DP Swamp Venom to add a little bit of extra heat. This was my first time using the new Bayou-ish and it is outstanding. Love that the salt level is pretty low and not overpowering like so many other Cajun spices you buy in the store. Highly recommend!!
    [from eggheadforum post]

  • Bayou-ish a big hit

    This new Bayou-ish rub is going to be a big hit for DP. When a rub tastes that good and fresh right out of the bag or bottle, you know it's going to be good! Original found here...

  • Bayou-ish

    After the pan searing we give them a rest and this cook turned out great the ribbies got a nice sear and the bayouish left a nice flavor on the beef without over whelming the beef flavor. Very good. Thanks Chris. Original found here...

  • Bayou-ish is good stuff!

    Bayou-ish is good stuff! Savory, a bit of heat, and stands up to high heat blackening. Thanks, Dizzy Pig folks! Original found here...

  • Throw downs

    Did several throw downs with PP Blackened Redfish seasoning. Chicken, followed by scallops, beef burgers,and tenderloin medallions. In each case my traveling companion did not know which seasoning she was trying. I have tried a few Blackening rubs but always returned to PP. The result - a dead heat which in my opinion is a huge accomplishment considering the popularity of PPBR.  More details on the throw down...

    Frank from Houma