Seasonings can enhance the flavor of food, but too much of any one spice can overwhelm the taste buds, or worse, leave a bad taste in your mouth. The key to a satisfying bite is having just the right blend of spices to complement your food without overpowering the natural flavor you love. At Dizzy Pig, we are continually experimenting with different spices, chiles, and herbs to come up with unique and deliciously balanced blends so you don’t have to. Our seasonings make cooking mouthwatering meals so easy that eating healthy becomes natural and fun. Your body will thank you, and the people you cook for will call for an encore.

Browse through our collection and you’ll find many flavor profiles, from the classics in our Original Series, to regional favorites from around the world in our “ish” Fusion Blends. And if you love to explore new and creative flavors, our limited edition Departure Series delves into exciting and different taste experiences. Discover the Dizzy Pig secret, and soon you’ll be churning out a regular dose of awesomeness on the grill or in the kitchen.

How do Dizzy Pig spices love your food? Oh, let us count the ways…
  • Rub on pork butts, briskets, or ribs for low slow barbecue and smoking
  • Spice up chicken wings, steaks, pork chops or burgers for the grill
  • Flavor your soups, stews and vegetable dishes
  • Season a chuck roast to sear then cook in your slow cooker
  • Shake it on fish for quick and scrumptious fish tacos
  • Sprinkle on as a condiment
  • Liven up a cocktail
  • Add a kick of flavor to cookies and desserts

So gather your family and friends. The future looks delicious!