Collectables for Discerning Tastes

Perfectly Portioned Seasoning Blends in Four Sizes

Eeni meeni your way to a custom collection of our individual seasonings or get a head start with one of ours. For just the right amount, individual seasonings and collections come in four sizes: Sample pack, 8oz shaker, quart shaker and gallon jug.

Give a blend a taste with our resealable sample packs, about 2 tablespoons for seasoning 2 – 4lbs of eating.

Our 8oz shakers season 30+lbs of food, making them the go-to for building collections and just having on hand.

Great for events, larger batches and every-single-day use, our quart shakers season up about 120lbs of whatever’s on the menu.

And when big company’s coming, grab a gallon jug to season up 500lbs of delicious.

Size exceptions

Our Departure Series and Salt-free blends come only in 8oz shakers.

  • Drawing of a sample pack
  • Drawing of an 8oz shaker bottle
  • Drawing of a quart shaker
  • Drawing of gallon jug
  • Sample Pack

  • 8oz Shaker Bottle

  • Quart Shaker

  • Gallon jug

Particulars on Each Collection

  • From our first born to our greatest hits, Dizzy Pig’s Original Series brings you a dozen flavors, covering the entire spectrum. From the BBQ to the stove and even table top, you’ll find a myriad of reasons to sprinkle on the likes of our all-purpose Dizzy Dust, sweetly addictive Pineapple Head or one of ten more classic blends sure to keep your meals in the best of company.

    From our flagship all-purpose Dizzy Dust to the sweet and addictive Pineapple Head, our original line covers the entire flavor spectrum.

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  • Dizzy Pig took familiar flavor profiles from amongst the world’s most popular cuisines and gave them a spin. Or two.

    Each Dizzy Pig “ish” Fusion Blend is sugar-free for high temperature grilling and pan searing. Mighty nice in pan sauces or mixed with sugar for a BBQ rub. Why, you can even sprinkle a little on as a condiment.

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  • Paying no heed to cost or tradition, we let the Dizzy Pig fly creatively to create our Departure Series. You’ll not find familiar territory in this distinctive, euphoric, eccentric collection of decidedly different flavors headed for uncharted culinary destinations.

    Give no regard to preconceived notions and enjoy the fruits of the Dizzy Pig’s creative endeavors. This is a premium, limited edition series with hand-numbered bottles, just like the finest art.

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How to Love your Food Right

Whether cooking long and slow (smoking, barbecuing), stepping up to roasting temperatures, grilling, broiling, or pan searing, Dizzy Pig forms a tantalizing crust that gives meat deep flavors. This is our sweet spot, so dust on your favorite Dizzy Pig Seasoning a few minutes to several hours before cooking.

For golden caramelization, we’ve added a little sugar to each Dizzy Pig seasoning. So, no matter how you bring the heat – grilling, smoking, roasting, pan searing, baking or broiling – you’ll get big flavor with a pretty face. But sugar can still burn. To prevent burning with high temperatures, cook further from the fire and keep a watchful eye. Or go sugar-free with Cow Lick, Raising the Steaks and our Ish Fusion Blends.

From adding a dab to a whole mess, you can’t go wrong with Dizzy Pig. Low in salt, you can add more flavor than with other seasoning makers. Thicker cuts ask for more seasoning. Long, slow cooking mellows the flavor of some spices, so don’t fear loading it up right with a healthy dose of love. Experiment with different amounts until you find the just right for flavor, crust and saltiness.

We bottle each seasoning immediately after grinding, capturing the just released essential oil and life blood of each spice. So keep those flavors fresh by tightly capping and storing your Dizzy Pig Seasonings in a cool, dark place. We don’t add chemical anti-caking agents, so a little cake and clump is natural. Breakup an undisturbed bottle with a few gentle taps on the table and a shake. For stubborn clumps, revive your rub with a quick pulse in a food processor or grinder, then return to its shaker.

Most Dizzy Pig fans are adventurous foodies taking our flavors beyond meats. From flavoring soups and sauces to seasoning peanuts and popcorn or as a condiment for bland dishes, enjoy discovering the places Dizzy Pig goes.