Dizzy Pig Promotion Sampler 5

Dizzy Pig Sampler 5

Special Promotion, Shipping Included

Samples of our top-5 Original Blends.


What is it?

This sampler pack includes samples of our top 5 selling seasonings:

The anchor of the Dizzy Pig line-up, this all-purpose rub is blended to bring out the best in whatever graces your smoker or grill.

Balance is the key to this versatile rub; saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, heat and peppery tones are there, but none overpower. We think you’ll be reaching for this one regularly!

Dizzy Dust Recipes
Raging River, while designed for salmon, is really an all purpose rub that seems to have very few limits. The flavor is slightly sweet but complex with definite citrus notes.

One of our best selling rubs, it is good on salmon, poultry, pork, seafood, beef, mushrooms, potatoes, lamb, game, veal, and all veggies. Good in the kitchen in chowders, stir fries, potato salad, roasted nuts, cole slaw, or whatever!

Raging River Recipes
Cow Lick is all about beef. No sugar, and a really nice peppery bite that provides an awesome flavor.

It does not have too much heat, and never overwhelms the flavor of the beef. Instead it brings out the unique flavor of beef and has your guests wondering what that great taste is.

Cow Lick Recipes
This is probably our most unique offering, and depends on several mid and far eastern influences for its special flavor. The sesame seeds give it a buttery mouthfeel and help to build a beautiful crust, and the aromatic spices come through with a well balanced splash of flavor.

Tsunami has uses limited only by your imagination. Our customers report it being excellent on a wide range of foods.

Tsunami Spin Recipes
A sweet rub with a little heat, cinnamon and some earthy chiles and other savory notes.

Pineapple Head is a perfect match for grilling pineapple. It’s good on any grilled fruit, in a pie filling, or shaken on a fruit salad. Customers have reported success using Pineapple Head on sweet potatoes, squash, pork chops, seafood and chicken. Shake in on your vanilla ice cream, put it on your oatmeal. The possibilities are endless!

Pineapple Head Recipes

Why should I get it?

Dizzy Pig seasonings are the freshest we can make for you! Containing no anti-clumping agents, MSG or gluten, these spicy, sweet, tasty rubs will add a punch of flavor to all your dishes. This five pack contains five of our most popular flavors, each with plenty enough for a taste test on whatever you want to cook!

What else should I know?

Limit 2 on this special promotion. Shipping is included on this item only.

This offer is ONLY available in the continental United States.