Dizzy Pig Promotion Sampler 5

Dizzy Pig Sampler 5

Special Promotion, Shipping Included

Pick your favorite of our best-selling flavors with Sampler 5

So you’re just now learning about the cult-like love fans have for Dizzy Pig, and are wondering what you’ve been missing all this time. Not to worry. Now we offer a promo pack of our top 5 Original blends, so you can discover which ones you love. (Spoiler alert: If you’re anything like other humans, the answer is all of them.) The Sampler 5 includes:

  • Dizzy Dust, the all-purpose rub that anchors our Dizzy Pig line-up
  • Raging River, our ever-popular, sweet and savory rub for salmon and more
  • Cow Lick, the beef-tastic and peppery rub for all things bovine
  • Tsunami Spin, a blend of Mid and Far Eastern influences that will set your taste buds awhirl
  • Pineapple Head, the go-to seasoning for sweet pork and delectable grilled fruit, with an unbeatable tropical twist

Oh, and did we mention you’ll save money?

Our Sampler 5 comes with free shipping, so you can open the door to culinary delights on your doorstep without paying an extra cent for transport. Enjoy an affordable introduction to our dry rub line or give someone else the gift of awesomeness today. And if you want to sample additional Dizzy Pig products (in the same order), rest assured that shipping will never cost more than $4 flat.

Limit 2 on this special promotion. Free shipping is included on this item only.


This offer is ONLY available in the United States (includes Alaska and Hawaii)

This product DOES NOT qualify for ADDITIONAL discounts