Ish Pack 4

“Ish” Pack 4

All “ish” fusion blends in one great buy!


What is it?

Dizzy Pig’s “ish” Fusion blends are sugar-free seasonings specifically designed for applying to food before high temperature grilling and pan searing. The package consists of the following:

Dizzy Pig’s Fajita-ish™ spice blend showcases an array of spices, chiles and herbs used regularly in Mexican cooking.

With this seasoning, we’ve created the perfect blend and totally nailed the south-of-the-border flavor profile. Fajita-ish™ takes the familiar and totally ramps it up with fresh ground whole spices, just like you’d expect from Dizzy Pig.

Fajita-ish Recipes

Bombay Curry-ish™ is a spicy, fresh take on classic Indian curry. Any fan of curry knows that freshness is what separates the mundane from the exotic.

This blend strikes that delicate balance between heat, savory, exotic, and fragrant. No spice blend benefits more from the deft Dizzy Pig hand with fresh ground spices and herbs than does this creation; you are sure to be impressed!

Bombay Curry-ish Recipes

Mediterranean-ish™ captures the expressive, evocative, exotic and enticing aromas and flavors of the region and brings them, fresh-ground, to your next cooking adventure.

To ignite your Greek and Italian culinary imagination, shake on the Mediterranean-ish™! Roasts, veggies, chicken, meatballs and more, all come alive with this medley of herbs and garlic flavors.

Mediterranean-ish Recipes

Bayou-ish™ incorporates the flavors of the bayou, deep in the swamps of Louisiana where bold cajun flavors meet the catch-of-the-day in a hot, sizzling cast iron pan.

Bold herbs and spicy chilies round out this blend and make it perfect for not only fish, but for blackening a juicy steak, succulent chicken breast, pork, or even garden fresh vegetables.

Bayou-ish Recipes

These blends also work great to flavor pan sauces and countless other dishes. They can be mixed with sugar to create a BBQ rub or used as a condiment.