holiday seasonings
Holiday Seasonings

Holiday Flavors Trio

A special collection for the holidays.


What is it?

A trio of three of our most popular seasonings for the holidays! The package consists of the following:

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiration, and when Chris cooked a grilled pineapple recipe using turbinado sugar, cloves and cinnamon, that’s where it all started. The what-ifs started rolling into Chris’ mind. What if we combined more savory flavors into a sweet rub for fruit? What if there was a little bit of spicy heat?
Pineapple Head was born and is now one of our top-selling blends!

Pineapple Head Recipes

“Mad Max” Rosen is a true turkey master, and his famous recipe has been cooked by thousands. “Mad Max” Rosen asked Chris to make him a turkey seasoning that best complimented his famous turkey recipe, and smelled like his kitchen on Thanksgiving! Chris nailed it.

Mad Max Turkey Seasoning is THE perfect seasoning for a fantastic turkey, and an amazing way to get great flavor into stuffing, gravies and side dishes — and a magical smell into your kitchen.

Mad Max Turkey Recipes

Mediterranean-ish captures the expressive, evocative, exotic and enticing aromas and flavors of the region and brings them, fresh-ground, to your next cooking adventure.

To ignite your Greek and Italian culinary imagination, shake on the Mediterranean-ish™! Roasts, veggies, chicken, meatballs and more, all come alive with this medley of herbs and garlic flavors.

Mediterranean-ish Recipes