Dizzy Pig's tips to great hamburgers

Dizzy Pig’s Tips for Great Hamburgers

Hamburgers are delicious, especially when done right. There’s a reason they are one of the most popular foods to cook on the grill. Not all hamburgers …

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Dried pepper powder - photo by Alexander Ow from Unsplash

Dizzy Pig Chiles – a celebration of peppers

It sure is getting warm around here! The recent seasonal release of Ghost has us pretty excited here at Dizzy Pig. It’s also a great reminder …

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Spicy Dizzy Dust gives back to WillingWarrors.org

Spicy Dizzy Dust Seasoning Gives Back to Charity

Dust it hot for a great cause! Being part of the community has always been a goal for Dizzy Pig, and the release of Spicy Dizzy …

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Dizzy Pig competition team in 2018

New Holland Summerfest 2018 Barbecue Competition

This barbecue competition marks our 135th competition, and the 17th straight year of Dizzy Pig at the New Holland Summerfest. In 2002, the Dizzy Pig Competition …

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Steve Wilson of The Pit Crew BBQ of Arizona competition barbecue team

Sponsored Team – The Pit Crew BBQ of Arizona

About the Sponsored Team Series: Dizzy Pig Sponsored Teams are professional competition BBQ teams that depend on Dizzy Pig seasonings to flavor their meats. Getting the …

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Dizzy Pig Competition Team Statistics featured image

Dizzy Pig Competition Barbecue Team Stats

Dizzy Pig competes on the professional circuit in competition barbecue contests sanctioned by KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society)

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Chicken with Tsunami Spin on the grill

The Story Behind Tsunami Spin

Tsunami Spin may be the tastiest seasoning on the planet for poultry. Our customers feel the same way, and professional barbecue judges tend to give us …

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Dizzy Pig team's favorite seasonings

Dizzy Pig Staff’s Favorite Seasonings

Here’s a fun infographic of which Dizzy Pig seasonings are our staff’s favorites, and their best go-to recipe to use with that spice. Chris Capell Rodrigo …

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Big Green Egg with blue smoke venting

Dizzy Tips: Using Smoke as a Spice

It is hard to describe my excitement when I got my first smoker, a Big Green Egg, 20 years ago. A big step up from my …

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Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Barbecuing for a crowd

Top 10 Dos & Don’ts of Barbecuing for a Crowd

Cooking for 20 or more people can be a challenge, and it can easily turn into a stressful undertaking if things don’t go smoothly. With proper …

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Dizzy Dust infographic featured image

About Dizzy Dust: Our Flagship Barbecue Rub

Even the most succulent meat needs a pick-me-up now and again. When you use Dizzy Dust All-Purpose Barbecue Seasoning, your culinary delights will soar as high …

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Gravy boat

Five Tips to Perfect Gravy

Max’s Tips for Perfect Gravy Gravy plays a big part in our Thanksgiving meals. To make the perfect gravy, follow these great tips from “Mad” Max …

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