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Eating Done Well

One Saturday a month, the Dizzy Pig offers four-hours of fun-filled education called Dizzcovery Class. We mold and shape minds in the ways of outdoor cooking. It’s part of how we fulfill our quest: Help people make better food. We’ve guided hundreds of folks through the proper cooking techniques of barbecuing and grilling to quickly become good food disciples. It’s our passion to pass on our know-how, so you can light a flame and cook excellent meat, every time.

Chris Capell, a 15-time Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) circuit grand champion, teaches the ways in many of our Dizzcovery classes. With over 50 years of combined outdoor cooking and eating experience, the entire staff of Dizzy Pig brings extra smarts and passion to our classes.

Part Seeing, Part Doing, Part Eating

  • Drawing of Green Egg cooker
    How to prep the cooker.
  • Drawing of fork and knife
    How to prep the food.
  • Drawing of an eye
    How the food should look and smell.
  • Drawing of tongue, or taste buds
    How the food should taste.
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Pick Out a Good One & Save Your SpotTicket

From the Mouths of Dizzcovery Class Graduates
Made a difference in the way I cook

The spices are fantastic and speak for themselves. My review is focused specifically on the cooking classes.

I have a growing addiction to date night cooking classes in DC. I was a bit reluctant to register for the "Dizzcovery" cooking class, mostly because I am used to a 100% "hands on" experience (I was afraid this would be the opposite- 100% lecture/observation). Not the case at all! You get out of it what you put into it, so you can sit up front, help out with food prep, watch every step, ask questions, or anywhere in between. There are plenty of distractions, i.e. beer, munchies, shopping inside, networking with fellow students, etc.

Chris (owner, instructor) is totally down to earth, changed careers to follow his passion, has tons of experience on the competitive cooking circuit, and of note as a cook- questions norms and traditional boundaries and provides max creativity to get that "amazing first bite".

I had been cooking on the Big Green Egg for several years and thought I had things down pretty well, but the class was a reality check that maybe you're doing everything wrong! (Or, could be doing it a lot better). BBQ takes time and can't be covered real time in a 4 hour class, so Chris did a great job staggering the various stages of fire building, food prep, temperature control, finishing, etc. Never a dull moment, and each segment of the process was fully covered.

I especially appreciate the method of instruction- Chris and staff prepared (many) racks of ribs in 3 or 4 popular cooking styles (indirect, direct, foiled, not foiled) and let the students get a feel for each process, and more importantly a real-time taste test for each at the end. The hands-down best tasting ribs were the least intuitive and non-traditional method of cooking. In my experience, other cooking classes teach you how to prepare one meal really well. Chris' class did that too, but really what it did was open up my way of thinking, got me to question the "why", start thinking about what's happening inside that cooker and ultimately will make a difference in the way I cook from here on out.

Most important thing = tons of food to eat!

Truly appreciate the course offering and look forward to next time!

Joe M., Arlington, VA
Dizzcovery Thanks!

I want to say thank you so much for providing the sign language interpreter for the Turkey Class last Saturday. I had so much fun to learn both Chris's Spatchcock & Max's Turkey techniques and also Max's broth & gravy. I'll be readyto put turkey with Mediterranean-ish Dizzy Pig rub on my BGE and also to make a Mad Max's gravy for Thanksgiving next week. Hopefully friends of mine will like a Mediterranean-ish flavor on turkey. I want to tell you that all Dizzy Pig staff are really wonderful. 🙂

You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tim Willard
Thank you!

Thanks so much for the great class. I really learned a lot and am looking forward to smoking a brisket next weekend. Loved your meatloaf btw!

Victor Kernus