Dizzy Pig Promotion Sampler 5

Dizzy Pig Sampler 5

Samples of our top 5 sellers


What is it?

This sampler pack includes samples of our top 5 selling seasonings:

The anchor of the Dizzy Pig line-up, this all-purpose rub is blended to bring out the best in whatever graces your smoker or grill.

Balance is the key to this versatile rub; saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, heat and peppery tones are there, but none overpower. We think you’ll be reaching for this one regularly!

Why should I get it?

Dizzy Pig seasonings are the freshest we can make for you! Containing no anti-clumping agents, MSG or gluten, these spicy, sweet, tasty rubs will add a punch of flavor to all your dishes. This five pack contains five of our most popular flavors, each with plenty enough for a taste test on whatever you want to cook!

For Dealers Only

Samples are a great way to introduce new customers to the flavorful world of Dizzy Pig!