BGE 101 Express Classes

Quick 2-Hour Weeknight Classes

Any new piece of equipment is a little daunting. When it’s big, and green, and egg-shaped and kind of looks like an alien pod, well – that’s even more intimidating.

But hey, you’re busy: Who has time to take a specialty class and learn how to use it? That’s where our short 2-hour weeknight classes come in, helping you master the basics in no time flat.

Big Green Egg Cooking Classes for Future Pitmasters

Ready to learn the basics of cooking on the Big Green Egg? We’ve got you covered.

While this intuitive barbecue is certainly accessible on your own, it never hurts to shorten up that learning curve. If you want to become a neighborhood hero or competition circuit contender in less time, our short 2-hour grilling classes will help. We’ll cover:

  • Lighting fire
  • Temperature control
  • Smoking with wood
  • Direct grilling
  • Indirect smoking/roasting
  • Maintaining your Egg

Hundreds of students have found our outdoor cooking classes to be just the thing to up your skills right here in Manassas, Virginia. Plus, we offer them on weekday evenings so you can keep your weekends free as a bird.

Come on down! We’ll make sure you leave with no more questions.

Upcoming BGE 101 Express Classes

at the Dizzy Pig BBQ Supply Store in Manassas, VA

If you’re in the area, stop by for the freshest seasonings and BBQ supplies

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Note: Purchase of a Big Green Egg from our Dizzy Pig BBQ Supply store entitles you to one free ticket. Simply let us know in the order notes and we’ll issue a refund upon verification.

Classes are held on Thursday from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Stir-frying vegetables on Big Green Egg
Wing drummettes on Big Green Egg
Eggs ready for class

What Do Attendees Say?

Up Your Outdoor Grilling Skill

Turkey Class – Nov 2021

Didn’t think a turkey could get any better? While oven-roasting is certainly delish, you’ve never tried true turkey until you’ve had it from a barbecue. Learn the Mad Max Rosen approach to spicing up this traditional holiday bird, and watch guests’ mouths fall open in awe … right before they shove more turkey in.

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