There’s almost nothing better than a good foodie Instagram account. Well, having the food in front of you would be better, but many accounts are a combination of mouthwatering delights and artistic endeavor—and it’s amazing. At Dizzy Pig, we love seeing what people can cook up, so we’re always on the lookout for great accounts. Check out these 10 great Instagram accounts every foodie should follow.

1. New Fork City

All the beautiful foods the Big Apple has to offer, all in one place. New Fork City takes submissions from around New York and showcases the most beautiful and delicious foods in NYC.

2. Food

Yes, the account is @Food. That speaks to how much foresight they had, that they could snag that name so early. It’s food. Beautiful food. Beautiful and delicious food. Just follow already.

3. Pissing In The Punch Bowl

So the name isn’t totally appetizing, but the pictures Marcus Nilsson puts up absolutely are. There are so many gorgeous shots of meals here that you’ll forget all about the name.

4. Dominique Ansel

This one is focused mostly on pastries and baked goods, and it is seriously worth your time. After spending some time perusing his account, you’ll never look at dessert the same way again.

5. Craig Deihl

He’s the executive chef at Cypress, but beyond that you’ll get a look the meats that he cures himself. If you’re a proud carnivore, then this is an account you’ll love to see come up in your feed.

6. Tartine Bakery

The fresh bread, cappuccinos, sandwiches, and other delectable foods on this account will have you drooling.

7. Infatuation

It’s tough to beat this foodie account, and once you follow, you’ll understand why. Unbelievable photos of everything from pasta dishes and massive sandwiches to sushi and pizza pop up constantly.

8. The Naughty Fork

It’s the best in Miami dining, along with photos from around the country, and it’s a must follow for any foodies out there, whether you’re from Miami or just need some beautiful food in your life. Miami + amazing food = heaven.

9. The Peachy Pear

Who says eating healthy can’t be fun? The Peachy Pear is a great place to find photos of healthy snacks and dishes that may just change your idea of health food..

10. Swag Food Philly

And last, but definitely not least, comes Swag Food Philly with all the best eats that the City of Brotherly Love has to offer. From modern creations to the classic Philly cheesesteak, you’ll find it all here. They also take submissions for any of our Philly-living fans out there.

You’ve got to get at least a few of these accounts on your Instagram feed if you’re a true foodie. Scrolling through them all day is bound to give you some ideas in the kitchen, and when you get started on that new recipe, make sure you’re using the best seasonings and rubs around. So check out Dizzy Pig seasonings and pick the perfect one for your next culinary creation!