Spring 2014 Competition Class

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*** Competition Class ***

March 29-30, 2014

March 29th and 30th Dizzy Pig owner Chris Capell and members of the Dizzy Pig competition team hosted a KCBS style competition class. Chris runs his competition class on a competition timeline, but with plenty of instruction on each and every facet of meat preparation, cooker set up, and final presentation. And you get all of the expertise that has earned Dizzy Pig 13 grand championships and multiple trips to “The Jack” and “The Royal Invitational”! You get the real experience as if you were at an actual KCBS competition with the team!

March’s class presented some particularly unique challenges as there was lots of rain, cold temperatures, and heavy winds in the forecast. As with an actual competition, you have to improvise and be flexible when dealing with the unknown. Thanks to Chris’ detached garage being recently completed, we were fortunate to be able to move semi-indoors and for the most part, out of the bulk of bad weather. Our students were eager to learn, asked great questions, and rolled with the punches throw at us by the weather. Little did we know as turn-ins were being completed and class was wrapping up, we had the unfortunate experience of a blizzard-like conditions! Another thing that makes Chris’ class unique is he cooks all on Big Green Eggs® so unpredictable weather and cold temperatures have virtually no effect on the cook.

All in all the class was a tremendous success. Students from all walks of life were in attendance and that makes for an enriched experienced. Judges, backyard cooks, curious culinarians, and competition cooks were all represented and walked away with the tools of the trade and knowledge they came for to take their barbecue to the next level! We’ll be holding another class November 1st…keep checking back as we’ll open registration soon!

Testimonials from the students:

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