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Since 2002, Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company has been the key to great flavor.

It is hard to believe that it all came about through a shared use and appreciation of a ceramic cooker known as the Big Green Egg (BGE).

Dizzy Pig BBQ Team

Dizzy Pig BBQ Team at the Royal

In the year 2000, in two separate towns…in 2 separate countries, in fact!…. two ‘late-thirtyish’ bbq enthusiasts each made the move toward ‘true bbq’ and bought a smoker/grill to explore the flavors and satisfaction found in authentic barbecue cookery.

It wasn’t long after the purchase of the Big Green Egg® ceramic smokers that they were each out seeking hints, techniques, recipes and the fellowship of other BGE owners. Fortunately, the cooker in question, hosted a full-fledged forum (at for owners and interested potential purchasers alike. It was here that Chris Capell of Fairfax, Virginia and Mike Kerslake of London, Ontario, Canada first crossed paths via their posts and comments on the BGE forum.

Following the common practice of assuming a forum ‘handle’, Chris looked no further than his other passion in life, camping/hiking/outdoor sports for his inspiration in latching onto the online persona of Nature Boy. Mike’s search for a handle was much more pragmatic; he found that the strongest bbq-related name available through his AOL service was that of BBQfan1, affectionately “Qfan” to friends and fellow Qers.

As their dialogue about bbq moved from the BGE forum into off-line emails and phone calls, the two found that their interests went beyond the grill; music, sports, their young daughters, personal goals and philosophies all seemed to mirror those of the other. Yup; a cross-border friendship was born!

In late 2001 and early 2002, Mike went through a series of changes in his life that lead to the wish of making an honest, full-fledged pursuit of a ‘career’ in bbq. The idea of a pig roasting restaurant proved too overwhelming, but the imagery of a roasting pig going around on a rotisserie created a name and mental picture so strong that it couldn’t be dismissed: The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company.

Chris was going through some changes of his own, as his full-service design business was slowing with the economy. His desire to explore his passion for bbq and potential ventures had him relishing the opportunities. If only there was a way to get even more involved in the bbq business. But how?

Okay, so with this background in place, we come to the point where Mike approaches Chris with the request for him to ‘offer some creative graphic thoughts and ideas’ for a bbq rub company that Mike might pursue somewhere down the road, and, “Oh, by the way, what do you think of the name The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company?” Nature Boy couldn’t help but answer back with the rhetorical question, “So, do you have a partner in this new venture yet?”

It’s tempting to say that ‘the rest is history’, but, no, not really. It’s not ‘history’, but rather, we are hoping that it’s just the very beginning of the Dizzy Pig BBQ Company story! Rubs, competition cooking, recipes, new products and developments we haven’t even thought of yet… they are all waiting to be explored in the years to come!

With that in mind, check back often and see both what is happening front and center and what’s simmering on the back burners. After all, there’s always something tasty cooking here at Dizzy Pig BBQ! Get settled, get us bookmarked or added to your “favorites”, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter….then come and check out the growing list of testimonials and detailed recipes using the growing roster of Dizzy Pig products, and, oh yeah, since you’re already here, why not Get Spun?!